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Aspiring Practice Pharmacist

What is the Aspiring Practice Pharmacist Programme (APP)?

APP is a programme that comprises of a mixture of e-learning / remote training and is split into 6 domains:

Understanding General Practice
Including funding flows, income and QOF, the multi-disciplinary team and where the practice pharmacist fits
Role of the Practice Pharmacist
Including practice pharmacists real experiences to learn from including what the role involves, job descriptions, mock interview and how to measure impact
Clinical Skills
Including audits, clinical medication reviews, repeat prescription processes, interpreting pathology etc. as well as clarity on the role of a prescriber vs non-prescriber
Clinical Systems
Understanding GP clinical systems and immersion tutorials on the different functionalities of each e.g. EMIS Web, SystmOne
Competencies & Liability
Understanding salary expectations in the role, the importance of working within scope, and indemnity implications including an innovative Circles of Competence tool
Starting Out
Including interview preparation, an induction plan and how to set priorities and KPIs in practice in the first 0-6 months

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In addition, there are optional extras for subscribers:

  • Face to face training workshops
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  • Providing GP mentors and supervisors (Coming soon in 2019!)
  • Coaching and mentoring (Coming soon in 2019!)
  • Key Skills Modules -
    Influencing, consultation, interviewing, change management, etc. (Coming soon in 2019!)

Once you have secured a position in a practice, you can upgrade to become a full i2i member where you will have free access to:

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