Domain 1
Domain 2
Domain 3
Domain 4
Domain 5
Domain 6
Please answer all questions frankly, this will help us provide you with the most personalised advice.
Domain 1: Understanding General Practice
1 ) I understand the interface of the different HCP roles working in General Practice
2 ) I understand the implications of the GP forward view and the practice pharmacist role
3 ) I understand and can articulate the various funding flows for General Practice e.g. GP contracts - GMS/PMS
4 ) I understand the how GPs are incentivised -QOF, LES, DES
5 ) I fully understand the niche of the GP practice pharmacist and what matters to GPs in this role
Domain 2: Role of PP
1 ) I understand the job description and the competencies required to become a successful practice pharmacist
2 ) I understand what a typical working day would entail and how to organise my duties
3 ) I understand how to position my role and demonstrate value to the practice
4 ) I feel confident that I have the required knowledge and skills to be successful at interview
5 ) I have shadowed a practice pharmacist and therefore understand the role fully
Domain 3: Clinical skills
1 ) I understand the clinical aspects of the PP role e.g. medication reviews, triage, LTC reviews, clinical post (meds rec)
2 ) I understand the repeat prescribing process and where efficiencies can be made
3 ) I understand the pharmacists role and competencies needed to authorise repeat prescriptions for issue
4 ) I understand the differences in the roles and competencies of a prescribing/non prescribing pharmacist
5 ) I understand the role of the practice pharmacist in interpreting pathology
Domain 4: Clinical Systems
1 ) I am familiar with all of the key clinical systems within primary care and their key differences (e.g. EMIS, SystmOne, Vision etc.)
2 ) I understand the functionality of each of the clinical systems e.g. reporting, searches, templates etc.
3 ) I feel confident that I can quickly become a proficient user of the practice clinical systems
4 ) I understand the use of Docman to manage clinical post
5 ) I have seen a clinical system being used in practice
Domain 5: Competency & Liability
1 ) I know how to ensure that I am working within my competencies or area of scope, and know how to document this
2 ) I understand the indemnity implications of working as a practice pharmacist
3 ) I am capable of negotiating adequate supervision for my development
4 ) I feel confident to challenge or push back if being asked to deliver outside of my clinical competence
5 ) I feel confident to adapt my role to align to practice priorities safely
Domain 6: Starting out
1 ) I know the stakeholders I need to engage with and how to do it
2 ) I know what KPIs /performance metrics will be needed
3 ) I know what needs to be covered in my induction in order to be effective
4 ) I know what to deliver in the first 3-6 months for maximum impact
5 ) I feel empowered to own and lead my personal development plan with practice support
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