Standardise and mobilise
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Domain 1: Recruitment
1 ) We understand the competencies we need to assess when recruiting for practice pharmacist
2 ) We are clear on what background skills are required when recruiting a practice pharmacist
3 ) We have template contracts and job descriptions relevant to practice pharmacists
4 ) We are clear on the salary expectations for both junior and senior pharmacists and have a clear retention plan in place
5 ) We are clear on the difference between senior and junior pharmacists and the competencies expected of each
Domain 2: Standardise and mobilise
1 ) We have an agreed and equitable approach to maximising our pharmacist resource
2 ) We have an organised & coherent model set-up to deliver the outcomes we need
3 ) We are clear on the indemnity restrictions and scope of practice for our pharmacist/s and have a clear plan for clinical supervision of our pharmacist(s)
4 ) We have a comprehensive induction plan in place for pharmacists and understand their training needs
5 ) We have clear KPIs and metrics to initiate and monitor the return on investment of our service
6 ) We have the time and resource to effectively train our practice pharmacist to use practice clinical systems
7 ) We have set clear deliverables & expectations for the first 3 months of the year
Domain 3: Accelerate
1 ) We know how to assess our pharmacist's competence and the steps needed to support their development according to the needs of the practice
2 ) We understand how our pharmacist can support with the prescribing process at the practice and have the tools and resource to enable effective review
3 ) We know how to upskill our pharmacist to be an effective member of the MDT and improve patient care
4 ) We can measure our return on investment for emplying a pharmacist
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