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The experts

We have a cross section of experts who are developing both the programme of therapy areas plus the curriculum and content for the tools and training.

Our philosophy is that the programme needs to be developed and delivered by clinical pharmacists for clinical pharmacists as part of an expert peer to peer network.

We also have diverse participants and skills as part of our i2i Network faculty.

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Nina Barnett

Nina Barnett is a Consultant Pharmacist with a proven track record in both strategic an operational development relating to clinical pharmacy and clinical leadership in the area of older people.

Samantha Cudby

Samantha is a Practice Pharmacist for a large surgery in Surrey. She has over 30 years’ experience in community pharmacy, care homes, Primary Care medicines management and practice pharmacy.

Graham Duce

Working for 16 years as a partner at a General Practice in Eastern Cheshire, Graham has significant experience in primary care. In addition, he is the CCG Prescribing Lead including decision-making for the local health economy formulary at the Area Prescribing Committee, co-authoring the MMT newsletter and chairing the GP...

Michael Duckworth

With over 30 years’ experience, spanning across community pharmacy, primary and secondary care Medicines Management, Michael is a practice pharmacist in the north west.

Anna Fay

As Lead Practice Pharmacist at Lisburn GP Federation of Family Practices, Anna has an incredible mix of skills and a proven track record to show she is passionate about the role of the pharmacist when treating asthma and type 2 diabetes in primary care.

Kevin Fernando

Kevin Fernando is a GP Partner at North Berwick Health Centre. He is also a committee member of the Primary Care Diabetes Society.

Dr Syed Gillani

With a special interest in the development of a risk-driven integrated diabetes care delivery model in a fragmented NHS, Syed is also a GP, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton, a Senior Research Fellow in Diabetes at New Cross Hospital Wolverhampton and a Clinical Champion at Diabetes UK.

Elizabeth Hackett

Working as principal pharmacist for the Leicestershire Medicines Information Service, Elizabeth has a passion for Diabetes and is a Diabetes Clinical Champion for Diabetes UK and is a member of the UKCPA Diabetes committee

John Hamill

John has over 19 years experience as a Pharmacist working within Primary Care as a Community Pharmacy Manager and Practice Based Pharmacist. He currently works as a Lead Practice Based Pharmacist within the Northern Ireland GP Federation.

Anne Holdoway

With over 30 years experience in roles spanning the NHS, private practice, research and the medical industry, Anne brings a wealth of knowledge on the role of nutrition in the management of chronic disease, maintenance of well-being and quality of life in a diverse range of conditions along with the...

Dr Patricia Hurton

As a GP partner in a NHSE clinical pharmacist pilot practice, Trish also brings her expertise as a GP with Special Interest in Diabetes. Trish set up and conducted community clinics for the Hillingdon Diabetes intermediary care service and is passionate about training.

Dr Mark Levy

Mark has been practising as a GP in London since 1977, with a special interest in respiratory diseases.