A SMART solution for general practice to effortlessly embed clinical pharmacist services

What is the SMART Programme?

SMART is an innovative, effortless solution to  Setting-up, Mobilising and Accelerating your practice pharmacist service, enabled by a suite of ready-made and accessible Resources and Training.

The solution is designed and delivered by pharmacists.  They have a wealth of experience working in primary care supporting teams of practice pharmacists, as well as individual practices, to successfully embed and deliver exceptional outcomes.  The tried and tested tools, resources and methodologies provided through SMART, mean you do not have to re-invent the wheel allowing a seamless transition for both you and your pharmacists.

Click on each of the modules below and find out how SMART can help you.  Then scroll down and complete your free needs assessment for a personal report to help identify where further insight and support may be needed.

Developing the right service model and finding the right pharmacist to seamlessly deliver from day one
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Catalyse the performance of your pharmacist to deliver practice and patient outcomes safely and competently
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Ready-made implementation tools to continuously develop your pharmacist(s) service, reduce your workload and realise your return on investment
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Benefit from rapid recruitment and deployment of the right practice pharmacist(s)
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