Once organisations have practice pharmacists in place, sustaining the service can be a challenge.  We often get asked:



Inexperience of having a pharmacist(s) in practice can make it difficult and time consuming for you to effectively embed them and realise their value.  This can result in:

  • No reduction in practice workload or, even worse, an increase
  • Incorrect use of a valuable skillset
  • Poor job satisfaction and therefore retention

By supporting your practice(s) to really accelerate the performance and outcomes of your pharmacist(s), we can ensure we are keeping them and the service on track.  This will be delivered through a suite of tools and resources as well as ongoing remote coaching support from our own expert team of pharmacists.  This support includes:

  • Monthly group accelerator sessions (1½ hours) run by experienced clinical pharmacists
  • Individual accelerator sessions (1 hour) run by experienced clinical pharmacists
  • KPI report collation and feedback to practices

The accelerate module is structured around the three Ps:

This module is split into four domains.  Click on each domain below to find out more.

Pharmacist Development and Performance
Tools and resources supporting practices to understand the competencies of their pharmacist(s) and effectively upskill them to meet the needs of the practice
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Tools and resources to support practice(s) in measuring productivity and impact of their practice pharmacist(s)
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Patient Care
Tools and resources to support practice(s) and your pharmacist(s) to improve access for patients and ensure safe prescribing practice and use of medicines
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