Standardising up and mobilising pharmacist services is not without its challenges.



There is a lot for practices to think about, and deliver, even before the pharmacist has started which is why the standardise and mobilise module of the SMART programme has been created – supporting sites using our expertise to deliver:



This module is split into five domains.  Click on each domain below to find out more.

The Service Model – sharing one WTE across multiple practices
Service modelling tools, practice diagnostic questionnaire, pharmacist scope and competencies, one year plan
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Preparing your Practice(s) for your Pharmacist(s) Service
Resources for communication planning, remote working and understanding the role of practice pharmacist(s)
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Inducting your Pharmacist
Insight and resources to support the induction of your practice pharmacist
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Clinical Systems
Resources to upskill your pharmacist(s) to effectively use your practice clinical systems
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Embedding your pharmacist and setting them up for success
Including insight and resources to ensure your pharmacist successfully embeds into practice, and is set-up to deliver excellent outcomes
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Read our Guidelines in Practice Article - Clinical Pharmacists: Setting up for Success
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