Frailty in Older People



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Supporting practice pharmacists to enhance the care of older patients with frailty

The agenda has been developed by Soar Beyond the i2i faculty and this programme has been made possible through an educational grant from Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition



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Anne Holdoway

With over 30 years experience in roles spanning the NHS, private practice, research and the medical industry, Anne brings a wealth of knowledge on the role of nutrition in the management of chronic disease, maintenance of well-being and quality of life in a diverse range of conditions along with the challenges faced in delivering optimal nutritional care.

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Lelly Oboh

A Consultant Pharmacist based at Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust (Community Services) Lelly has over 20 years’ experience, managing polypharmacy in frail older people within general practice and community-based multidisciplinary teams. 

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Samantha Cudby

A Care Home Pharmacist in north west Surrey, Samantha has nearly 30 years’ experience in both community pharmacy and Primary Care Medicines Management.

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The workshop will focus on ‘insight’ in the morning and on ‘implementation’ the afternoon. The day has been structured to allow plenty of networking time and activities.

Morning (09:30 - 13:00)

These chaired sessions will have contributions from specialist older peoples care pharmacists and clinicians who will educate and advise on how practice pharmacists can best support older people with frailty.

Their engaging presentations will cover:

Older peoples physiology and the implications on treatment and management

What frailty means and the challenges in supporting these patients holistically

Appropriate vs inappropriate polypharmacy and deprescribing

Practical considerations and the role of nutrition in care of frail and older people

Key Assessment tools such as frailty assessment, MUST screening, Deprescribing tools

Afternoon (14:00 - 17:00)

Smaller workshops facilitated by fellow practice pharmacists, who are already supporting the management of frail and older people.  These will cover case studies on helping practice pharmacists to manage frail older patients with complex needs and an action plan on how you will implement back at your practice.

The interactive sessions will cover:

Case studies on how to manage frail older patients with complex needs

Familiarisation of practical tools and templates for practice pharmacists

Pre-empting and overcoming clinician and patient challenges

Action planning - how to implement back at your practice

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