Dianne Sanderson

Dianne has spent 25 years working as a community pharmacist before taking a career change 8 years ago and moving to primary care. Dianne has held various roles which include working as a rheumatology pharmacist, working for a CCG medicines management team and as domiciliary pharmacist within a multi -disciplinary team.

Dianne’s role within the dermatology team includes the prescribing of topical and systemic treatments for eczema, psoriasis, SLE and alopecia to name a few. Dianne provides advice on pharmaceutical issues to her medical and nursing colleagues and is responsible for the monitoring of systemic treatment for patients. Dianne is passionate about improving the care for patients with skin problems and recognises the opportunity for greater input into this within primary care.

Dianne is part of the team of markers for Keele University post-graduate courses and has helped deliver education on carrying out medication reviews for Manchester CPPE.