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Training, implementing and networking for all pharmacists

What is the i2i Network?

The i2i Network was developed by Soar Beyond to meet the unmet need of GP Pharmacists to implement clinical change in a standardised and simplified way. The i2i stands for insight to implementation and we have since supported and trained thousands of practice pharmacists to implement effectively, whilst demonstrating impact on patient care in long-term condition management.

How do we develop such high calibre content?

The i2i Programmes are developed alongside an outstanding faculty of expert clinicians in those therapy areas including specialist consultant secondary care pharmacists and GPs with a special interest. Each therapy area is now supported by a set of interactive competencies using our clinical circles of competence tool which helps you identify your baseline competencies and as these grow, helps you evidence this in your training log.

We are able to bring this FREE high calibre clinical content and FREE live training with implementation resources through partnership with selected pharma industry partners. We only choose partners who share our values and desire to upskill the clinical pharmacist in long term condition management. Every programme has a different approach and declaration statement by the partner.

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There are THREE key elements to the i2i Network, which make it practical and valuable to Clinical Pharmacists:


Set of clinical resources designed to deepen your insight

These are gradually being converted to interactive e-learning modules with assessment tools and certificates of completion

Applied Learning

These are a blend of live events and on-demand recorded sessions delivered by top clinical experts and faculty.



These valuable implementation resources are always underpinned by a systematic implementation methodology to improve clinical reviews or deliver quality improvement

Are you an organisation working and supporting clinical pharmacists?

Could your practice/ PCN or organisation benefit from a standardised approach to delivery and tracking impact?

Learn more about how we have taken our insight to implementation approach to supporting organisations and their pharmacy services including technicians.


Our innovative interactive workshops combine expert speakers and sharing of best practice by our clinical pharmacist facilitators. They are uniquely designed just for practice pharmacists and are supported by a suite of specific tools and resources, including template search instructions and consultation template instructions, that can be downloaded to help you implement.  

Testosterone Deficiency

Virtual Workshop 20:00-21:30

Understanding testosterone deficiency (TD): a focus on type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and/or obesity

  • Location:

    Virtual Workshop 20:00-21:30

  • Date:

    19th March 2024

  • Speakers:

    Shilpa Patel, Janine David