Dr Patricia Hurton

Patricia is a partner at The Cedarbrook Practice and works four clinical sessions per week. Having joined general practice in 1996, initially undertaking a maternity locum and then becoming a partner at The Cedarbrook Practice in February 1997, Patricia then worked full time at the practice until 2014.

As a GP partner in a NHSE clinical pharmacist pilot practice, Trish also brings her expertise as a GP with Special Interest in Diabetes. Trish set up and conducted community clinics for the Hillingdon Diabetes intermediary care service and is passionate about training.

Patricia has spent some time on the governing body of Hillingdon CCG as an elected board member and she is currently the Diabetes clinical lead for Hillingdon CCG. Patricia is chair of her local Diabetes network board and has been involved in the commissioning and redesign of local Diabetes services, locally enhanced primary care services and patient education services.

Patricia developed an interest in Diabetes medicine in 1998 when she took up a weekly session at the local Diabetes service at Hillingdon hospital as a clinical assistant. Since 2002, Patricia has been employed by Hillingdon (initially under the PCT run community service and now via CNWL) for two sessions per week in the community diabetes clinic as a GP with Special Interest. Patricia helped set up the intermediary care service to support primary care and undertake patient education and primary care clinician training and development.

Patricia has an interest in the training and development of clinical staff as a former GP trainer and current GP appraiser. She has previously been involved in facilitating Warwick education courses and is currently involved in delivering topical courses which deliver training to doctors and nurses on basic diabetes management as well as enhanced GLP and insulin management.