Membership Benefits

There are THREE key elements to the i2i Network, which make it practical and valuable to Clinical Pharmacists:


Set of clinical resources designed to deepen your insight

  • Background to LTC
  • Physiology
  • Role of Practice Pharmacists including ideal patient cohorts
  • Treatment and Management

These are gradually being converted to interactive e-learning modules with assessment tools and certificates of completion

Applied Learning

These are a blend of live events and on-demand recorded sessions delivered by top clinical experts and faculty.

  • These will focus on the practical aspects of the clinical pharmacist role helping you to stratify your patients and apply your knowledge and skills. These sessions usually comprise a series of case-studies
  • Generally, you need to complete the applied learning sessions to gain access to implementation resources



These valuable implementation resources are always underpinned by a systematic implementation methodology to improve clinical reviews or deliver quality improvement

  • Resources include stratification tools, project implementation documents and pre-populated presentations
  • Best of all, there are pre-built clinical searches and consultation templates for each therapy area that you can either upload to your clinical system or create using our SNOMED code guidance.

Why should I become a FREE member of the i2i Network?


Free understanding of variety of long term conditions and how practice pharmacists are best placed to manage and add value.

You will also get free:

To a network of experts and other clinical pharmacists sharing best.

Ongoing Support
From other peers including the ability to search for members in your area or by clinical interest.


Free access to resources including audit searches, clinical resources, methodology for clinic implementation and patient letters – tailored to each therapy area.

You will also get free:

To data capture tools so you can demonstrate patient outcomes and practice workload reduction through your interventions.

For any initiatives, pilot services or proof of concept projects that support the profession and prove the value that practice pharmacists can bring.

To become one of our best practice facilitators and submit case studies for sharing.

Ongoing updates
On therapy areas that you have identified as priority areas.


Free priority access to workshop events and follow-up webinars*.

You will also get free:

Priority Access
To other training events.

*made possible by partnership with carefully-chosen selected companies that are also keen to support the development of the role in various therapy areas. All support is non-promotional and our partner companies do not shape content.